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Red Dane Agri-Solutions is a business for farmers, run by farmers. We believe in creating a holistic sustainable future for the dairy industry in Africa. The family behind Red Dane Agri-Solutions has been running an intensive dairy farm in Zimbabwe for over 40 years as well as being the main milk supplier for Kefalos Cheese from its conception. Inventing new systems such as the Bush Dairy and M.A.R.S pens is now an integral part of our business. We run three of our own bush dairies on different farms, and believe this system is the key to expanding and improving the dairy industry in Zimbabwe and surrounding countries.

Everything Red Dane Agri-Solutions sells has been tested on our own farms and proven to benefit farmers and their animals by increasing efficiency, production and animal well-being. We are proud to offer you a full service that includes not only our own products and those we import from all over the world, but also expert advice on raising healthy animals and running a successful farm.

Have you heard our M.A.R.S song? Everybody needs a M.A.R.S!

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Red Dane Farming

2 weeks ago

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First M.A.R.S pen set up on a dairy farm in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. To find out where to get yours and improve your calf rearing today..

2 weeks ago

Red Dane Farming

4 weeks ago


We haven’t had any tips for a while, but here is a great one for you on how to accurately and humanely brand your cattle. Enjoy!

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