Milk Bar Teats

An ideal teat will encourage a calf to drink in the same way as it would from its mother: sucking and squeezing, drinking slowly and generating a lot of saliva. Milk bar teats are designed to ensure that all these occur when the calf is drinking from a Milk Bar Feeder. They do not contain an internal valve, but rather a simple rubber flap and a single slit from which milk comes out of, meaning that the calf has to work as hard as it would with a real teat to get the milk out.

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The internal web of the milk bar teat and the strong rubber from which the teats are made controls the flow rate of milk, preventing calves from gulping their milk down. Calves drink at the correct pace of 3 to 4 minutes a litre and generate sufficient saliva for curd formation and maximum lactose absorption. As well as this the risk of raw milk entering the rumen or intestine is removed, preventing nutritional scours. Milk also will not flood into the lungs, thus removing the risk of pneumonia.  Maximum lactose absorption leads to increased growth rates and cross suckling after feeding with a Milk Bar teat is reduced or eliminated entirely as calves are already satisfied and have generated enough saliva.

Because the Milk Bar teats do not have any internal threads or valves, they will not harbour old milk and bacteria once they have been cleaned with warm water. Teats should be cleaned immediately after feed with warm water and detergent, until the water coming out of them is clear. Teats do not need to be removed from the feeders for cleaning.

It is recommended to use one teat per calf and change it after 8 weeks. Teats should be changed as soon as milk is dribbling out of them, as this means the slit has become too wide and calves will begin to drink to quickly!

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