Milk Bar Lamb/Kid Colostrum Teats

The Milk Bar Lamb/Kid colostrum teat is made of a softer rubber than the normal milk bar lamb/kid teat, to make feeding lambs and kids their colostrum easy, and to teach them how to use the teats before they go onto the normal ones.

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The inverted tip of these teats prevents irritation in the animal’s mouth, and there are no internal threads or valves that can harbour old milk or bacteria. This teat is great to use for the first 5 or 6 feeds when feeding fresh colostrum, to get the lambs used to the teat, before changing to the normal teats (hyperlink). These teats should not be used after the first 5 or 6 feeds as the lambs/kids will begin to drink to quickly which can lead to nutritional scours.


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