Milk Bar Colostrum Teat

The Milk Bar Colostrum teat is made of softer rubber than the regular Milk Bar teat, making it easy to feed calves colostrum and teach them how to use the Milk Bar teats.

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The Milk Bar colostrum teat can be used in the Milk bar trainer bottle (hyperlink) and any other Milk Bar feeder. It is recommended that it is used for the first 5 or 6 feeds before a calf is transferred to a regular milk bar teat. The internal web of the colostrum teat controls the flow rate of milk, allowing calves to drink at the correct pace and generate enough saliva for optimum digestion, preventing problems such as scours and pneumonia. The absence of internal valves or threads means that the teat, if washed properly, will not harbour old milk or bacteria. The teat should be washed immediately after feeding with warm water and detergent until clear water runs out. Teats do not need to be removed from the feeders for cleaning. Do not use for more than the first 5 or 6 feeds as calves may start to drink too quickly and this can lead to scours.