Ezi Lock Hook Set

Ezi Lock hooks are the only fully adjustable hooks for calf feeders available worldwide, and are fitted to Milk Bar portable feeders. They enable you to hang your Milk Bar feeder on anything from rails to pipes with a total extended width of 75mm.

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Ezi Locks allow you to hang your milk bar on a variety of bars and pipes up to 75mm wide. They lock the feeder completely in place and are bunt proof, making feeding more efficient. They sit snugly against their railing and will not tip forward, ensuring that calves on the end teats of large feeders like the Milk Bar 10 will not run out of milk first. Ezi Locks also enable you to hang your feeders upside down for complete drainage of cleaning water, making cleaning easier. They are made of virtually indestructible High Impact Nylon and have extra ribbing for incredible strength and durability.

Replacement Ezi Lock hooks are available if required, or to modify older Milk Bar feeders which have the steel Ezi Lock hooks.