Clean and Fresh Water System

The clean and fresh water system is an optional addition to the calf M.A.R.S pen. It consists of a water tank and 1 of 2 drinking troughs made by Milk Bar. The water system makes it easier to ensure a clean water supply to calves throughout the day without having to regularly fill up the tank, as will have to be done when using one of the half drums in the M.A.R.S.

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  • 200 litre plastic drum attached to the top of the M.A.R.S pen holds enough water for about 3 days, if 10 calves are in the M.A.R.S.
  • Simple connection to Milk Bar Snack Water Trough or Milk Bar Pen Waterer with gravity providing enough pressure to fill up both.
  • Filter attached to prevent blockage of ball valve.
  • The closed Milk Bar Pen Waterer prevents water getting dirty with feed, faeces or dust. The Snack Water Trough is better for older/larger calves whose heads may be too big for the Pen Waterer and allows more than one calf to drink at once. Both options come with a replaceable float valve.

How often should I fill up the water tank? Calves drink about 10% a day of their bodyweight. Though the amount of water they drink depends on the clime they live in. With 10 calves with the age 0-10 weeks you should fill the tank every 3 days. For keeping weaners in the pen 10-16 weeks you will have to fill up the tank every 2 day.