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Viking Genetics is a cooperative AI company owned by 20 000 farmers in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. It was formed by the combining of Dansire, Svensk Avel and Faba, who shared a common goal of producing a productive and healthy dairy cow. Their goal is to provide dairy farmers around the world with genetics that will give a balance between production and health to ensure a successful future for the dairy industry. Their motto is ‘breeding for what truly matters’ i.e. a healthy, high-producing dairy cow that will make daily life as a dairy farmer as easy as possible.

Viking Genetics uses the latest techniques in their effective breeding program and genomically tests over 6000 Viking Holstein, Viking Red and Viking Jersey bulls each year to select around 290 bulls for the breeding program. No other country in the world has the same traditions and commitment as these three Nordic countries when it comes to registering all traits of their cattle, including diseases and breeding, and thus the Nordic health profile is unique.

The top health traits that Viking focuses on are:

  1. Hoof health
  2. Resistance to mastitis
  3. General health.

In the future, Viking will focus on genetics that will achieve the following:

  1. Less or NO antibiotics in dairy herds.
  2. Feed efficiency
  3. Lower methane production.

Something else that is unique about Viking Genetics is that they are doing more direct selection of different traits than any other AI company. By doing direct selection they get 100% effect of what they are breeding for, whereas with indirect you would only expect to get 60%. For example, where most AI companies talk about mastitis resistance, they actually don’t do any selection for mastitis – they do it their selection based on somatic cell counts – which is only sub-clinical mastitis. Viking selects genetics based on resistance to actual clinical mastitis as well as sub-clinical.

Contact us to find out about the bulls we have in stock for both sexed and conventional semen.  We will offer you the use of the VikMate program – a tool used on herd level to increase the profit of your farm. It uses Interbull data, with all bulls being ranked on the NTM scale – the Nordic breeding health profile. It will help to control in-breeding and give you information on genetic improvement in your herd.

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