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The Milk Bar product range

‘Innovation doesn’t just happen, and the award-winning Milk Bar range was born from years of dairy farming experience.’

Your calves are the future of your herd, and so the correct method of feeding them to obtain the best growth rates in essential to your dairy farming success. Calf-rearing is one of the most under-developed areas of dairy farming in Africa, so Red Dane Farming brought in the Milk Bar products to go with our M.A.R.S range to decrease calf mortalities and increase calf growth rates for all dairy farmers in Southern Africa.

Milk Bar teats are designed to feed at the speed nature intended, and with the same suckling action a calf would experience when drinking from its mother. Whilst teats should be changed regularly (recommend one teat per calf is changed after 8 weeks) the plastic that Milk Bar products is made out of is very strong and can take all the knocks that being used on a farm incurs.

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