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The Mobile Animal Rearing System (M.A.R.S.) was designed by Red Dane Farming to house calves in a social, management-friendly and environmentally-friendly way. Moving the pen twice a day removes the need for cleaning, saving time and money on bedding and chemicals. Managed properly and used together with the Milk Bar feeders, the M.A.R.S. pen will make your calf rearing easy and lower your mortalities in any dairy system.

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How often should the M.A.R.S pen be moved?

How often should calf pen be moved?
– If you have the recommended number of pre-weaned calves in the pen, 10, you should move the M.A.R.S pen twice a day. Do it when you feed in the morning and when you feed in the afternoon.

– For weaners, 8-16 weeks old, we suggest you reduce the number of calves to 8. You might find that the area in the M.A.R.S pen gets faster dirty and you might consider to move it 3-times a day.

Won’t the weaners slip out?

Will the weaners not slip out?
– The M.A.R.S weaner pen is designer for housing weaners. With the extended legs you can adjust the height of the structure so it suits your needs.

Is the M.A.R.S pen tall enough for my horse?

Is the M.A.R.S pen tall enough for my horse?
-Yes it is. The M.A.R.S horse pen has a special roof heigth so your horse have the perfect conditions to thrive.

Can the goats or sheep climb out?

Can’t  the goat or sheep climb out?
– The Goat/Sheep M.A.R.S pen is specially designed for goats and sheep. With the bars closer to each other there is not enough space for the animals to escape. But why would they escape – they are in a M.A.R.S pen

How ofter should i fill up the water tank?

How ofter should i fill up the water tank?
– Calves drink about 10% a day of their bodyweight. Though the amount of water they drink depends on the clime they live in. With 10 calves with the age 0-10 weeks you should fill the tank every 3 days. For keeping weeners in the pen 8-16 weeks you will have to fill up the tank every 2 day.

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