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The IceFeed dairy feed range

Icefeed was started informally in 2004 by Ajs Kirk in conjunction with other local farmers.  The idea was to bulk up their orders to increase buying power for raw materials and provide better feed for dairy farmers at lower prices.  From a very humble beginning on the farm in Harare South, the Company has grown to supplying many dairy farmers around the country.  Whilst the company has grown, we have never lost sight of our initial goal to work together as farmers for our mutual benefit.

Icefeed is now based in Southerton with three major shareholders.  We have a small management team of three staff to cover all aspects of the business from procurement of raw materials, management of the crews to manufacture, selling to customers and accounts and administration. Our main lines of production are dairy and beef feed but we also manufacture a premium lamb fattener and concentrate on demand, and our 3 types of horse feed are available either on site or at an outlet in Greendale. All our feed is made up buy a top South African nutritionist. In formulating we insure balance of protein and energy and the inclusion of essential vitamins and minerals for each application. When required we make specialised feeds or toll mix to customer’s specifications. .

In order to facilitate a more efficient method of production and further ensure our quality control, we undertook a major factory turnaround from February to April this year wherein lines of production, machinery and bagging facilities were improved greatly and modernised.  This turnaround has ensured that at maximum capacity we are able to produce over 3000t per month.

We also pride ourselves in keeping up with up to date feed practices with South African consultants to check the quality and consistency of our products, and who offer their consultancy services and assistance on farm visits periodically.  Currently, our feed mixes include globally sourced and SABS-approved premix vitamins – designed to improve the cattle’s general wellbeing, together with better feed assimilation and healthier conception rates.

Together with the expertise of both top dairy farmers and regional nutritionists, Icefeed’s  key concepts and forefront business ethics are guaranteed quality and consistency of feed, accessibility of product and constant customer service.

Where can i get Icefeed

We are located in Harare but have distributions centres around the country.

Where to find Icefeed distributers:
MFS in Rusape, Mutare, Chipenge, Nyanga

Can you mix my formulations?

Yes we can. We are very flexible on the mixes. Our production set up gives us the abillity to mix what ever the customers needs are and would like to be mixed for their farm.  Give us a call or send an email with your recipe and we can work out price and what that will suit you best.

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