EASYFIX calm cubicles available from Red Dane Farming
The EASYFIX Evolve feeding barrier system designed to increase cow feed intake
EASYFIX equine range walker tiles
EASYFIX plastic pig toys for pig enrichment


EASYFIX is a family owned business in Ireland and was established in 1996. They have an extensive portfolio of livestock housing solutions for the dairy, beef, veal, pig and equine industry. They focus on producing high quality, durable products that will increase productivity and give a fast return on investment.

EASYFIX released a new range of cow cubicles in 2018, including the calm, siesta and dream, to use in conjunction with the bedding of your choice: cow mats and mattresses, deep litter beds or sand. Over 250 000 EASYFIX cow cubicles have been sold in the world.

Apart from cow cubicles and mattresses, EASYFIX has also produced the EASYFIX evolve animal feed barrier system, which will extend the animal’s reach and allow for increased feed intake as well as providing safe access and egress for farm workers.

The EASYFIX equine range is designed specifically for horse trainers and owners, racecourses and schooling grounds. The fences and hurdles are designed in-house and are extremely durable, easy to install and maintenance free.

EASYFIX strives to continue to develop the most innovative and best performing products in the market place, made from the highest quality materials. Their aim is to become the number one provider of livestock housing solutions worldwide.

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