Bush Dairy

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The Bush Dairy

The Bush Dairy comes in 2 forms: The Intensive and the Extensive Bush Dairy. The Intensive Bush Dairy is run on irrigated pastures, has milking machines on the trailer, and uses pure-bred cows. The Extensive Bush Dairy is run on natural veld, generally uses hand milking, and uses cross-bred cows such as the T-ReX.

The Bush Dairy parlour is a simple trailer designed to make dairy farming more cost effective and environmentally friendly. Different sizes of dairy are available, to allow you to use the bush dairy for milking 25 to 200 cows. Capital cost for starting a bush dairy is much lower than for building a milking parlour, and the dairy can be set up in one day and moved easily to where your natural or irrigated pastures are!

The Bush Dairy goes hand-in-hand with the M.A.R.S pen for rearing calves. The M.A.R.S pens are also mobile, and so you have a completely mobile set up, giving you much more freedom on where to graze and allowing you to improve your pastures naturally wherever you go!

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